The story of our craft

Charlie Parsons Slate and Copper Roofing, was founded by Charlie Parsons over 25 years ago. An innovator in the industry, Charlie Parsons, holds a patent for clips, which are used in slate repairs. He also uses personalized tools specific to his craft which help make his work more efficient.

Charlie’s invested interest in both sustainable living and care for the environment, led him to slate and copper roofing. While cost-effective, asphalt shingles can leach non-biodegradble toxic materials into the ground, for us — this is not an option.

We choose to use natural slate and copper, which are environmentally safe and last up to 200 years, compared to the asphalt shingle which lasts only 30 years.

Beginning his business under the name of Charlie Parson’s Custom Sheet Metal. Charlie has a deep interest in providing service and materials that will last.